Importance of Custom Labels for Clothing

A labeled Tshirt

If you run a clothing business, there are many benefits to creating custom labels for your clothes. Some people think that labeling is a low priority stage, but custom labeling adds value to your products. The small things matter a lot to customers. It might seem like a minor deal to you, but the customer finds prestige in a labeled garment. As a company, you can use labels as a way of communicating with your customers in addition to adding an aesthetic touch and quality of the clothes. Below are some of the benefits and functions of custom labels for clothing.

Size Labels

Size 8 clothSize labels communicate the size of the garment to the customers. Customers will be able to find the right sizes for them this way. Although it is not a mandatory requirement by law, it is important to include it for easy fitting and selection. This label is usually on the inside of the clothing.

 Brand Labels

Labels boost the brand of your company, which will not only raise awareness but add value to your clothing. Think of it this way, two companies might be selling white T-shirts, but if one decided to add a logo, people would notice it more and buy the branded t-shirt more.

Care Labels

Care labels play the functional role of the brand labels. Through the care labels, the company is supposed to inform the customer how to take care of the clothing and give instruction on how to wash, bleach, dry and iron it. It is a requirement by law in many countries. In addition to care, the customer will be able to enjoy and use the garment better. If you did not give care instructions and a customer irons a cloth that should not be, well, we know what will happen, and the customer will never buy from you again.

Composition Labels

!00% polyester shirtThese labels communicate the makeup of the clothing. It gives the percentage of each fabric used to make the cloth. This label is a requirement by law in many countries. The composition of the material fabrics determine the care instructions and the quality of the item. In addition to that, the composition labels are important because some customers require special fabrics. It is, therefore, crucial for them to understand the fabric composition of the particular garment.

Author: Bernice Lerma

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