Best Tips When Looking For Office Space

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Hunting for office space can be very involving especially to selective people. Moreover, the office space defines the type of business as it creates the professional image of the brand. Therefore in considering the best office space, it is necessary to have an outright understanding of the business requirements regarding size, the length of time, type of office space, amenities and infrastructure required. Hence, the best tips for searching for the office space in Dubai;

Office location

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The access to the office should be convenient to save on time and should be favorable to the employees and customers. Locating the office space way from busy City Centers is considered as a welcome due to reduced noise and unpleasant smells however the clients should easily and conveniently access the office. The location or the physical address of the business should also be near social amenities such as banks, hospitals, food place among others. Moreover, the location of the business should be in a secure area which protects the lives of the employees and the business properties and should have a good reputation.


For the office to function efficiently, it needs to investment into essential infrastructures such as IT systems, Energy and Power systems, business continuity systems, transport, and facilities. Therefore, the chosen office space should have necessary facilities, services, and structures that will enable the business to run smoothly. Moreover, it is important to consider the size of the office in regards to the business need as the office need may be differentiated in commercial, industrial or ordinary residential office set ups. Importantly, it is essential that the building that accommodates the building to be compliant with the development codes and regulations such as fire codes, earthquake standards, physically challenged friendly and Building standards.

Costs involved


The pricing plan for the office space selected should be very considerate to the business and should vary regarding rental or lease agreements. The costs involved in acquiring the office space should be within the business’ budget. Moreover, the developers should consider advancing friendly pricing plans that are affordable to their clients without having them pay or spend too much. The cost should be affordable and should accommodate all necessaries amenities and utilities essential to the business with the business notified during the contract signing of overhead costs that occur with the space such as parking fees, cleaning fees, security charges among others. Additionally, it is important to consider the costs that will be incurred in furnishing the office space and the cost of furniture that will be used in the office.

Author: Bernice Lerma

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