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Owning a home or building a custom one for that matter is one of the most exciting decisions anyone can make. It’s very normal to be bursting with ideas of what you would like your dream home to look like that you may find yourself confused by where you are supposed to start from. It’s always important to have a good idea of exactly how you want your custom home to look like before you go ahead and call in the builders.

Emerging trends

Contemporary luxury pieces

In the realms of custom home building, great curb appeal is just but a tip of the iceberg regarding what homeownerssome rocks are requesting. More and more people are including valuable art pieces to spruce up the appearance of a home. Feel free to incorporate your favorite art pieces in your interior design.

Custom home building is a lifestyle

Fantasy is the name of the construction game when it comes to today’s custom home building. Spaces are no longer just being built for functionality, rather for luxury and making a statement. For example, it’s common to find beautiful miniature chairs in a dining or living room area where no one is expected to sit on them, but they serve the purpose of looking like a beautiful painting.

When decorating all your rooms, choose features that are going to make a statement in their respective places, but that will also provide comfort and serenity.

Custom home building has gone tech savvy

Temperature adjustable floors, adjustable heating and cooling, remote controlled wine cellars, automated car lifts, and motion detectors …these are some of the features that can be a bit more character to your custom home.

The kitchen which is undoubtedly the most special room in the house has not been left behind. With a single click on your mobile device, you can control so many functions from video to sound to your kitchen garden’s sprinkler system.

Additionally, you can monitor your home’s security from any part of the world for as long as you have a mobile device and internet connectivity.

Luxury has gone small

2 nice windowsYou don’t need to have 5000 square feet of land for you to build your custom dream home. This doesn’t mean you should just be contented with a smaller version of your dream house.

On the contrary, you can enjoy the same size of the home you had in mind with the only difference being it will have to have more floors. Check in with custom home builders Phoenix for some more trends in custom home building.

Author: Bernice Lerma

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